Redoing stuff for my Sakura Halloween Cosplay, which I’m probably going to wear on Saturday of the last convention before winter break. Less than one month away I don’t even know what to wear on the other two days (/ω\)

I feel like everytime I say “I’m not going to sew something like this ever again” the possibilty of me sewing this again increases by 175%

Some time ago, Kurogane-san presented me with an apron and since Watanuki-kun also got one from Doumeki-kun we decided to make some Muffins for them ☆ Mokona-chan helped too!
Watanuki-kun’s apron reads ‘Best Housewife’ by the way. He and Doumeki-kun sure are best friends. ✿
Please look at part one of our kitchen adventures on Watanuki-kun’s tumblr page
Watanuki-kun - pu
Pictures by Nor & pu (pu also did the editing ♥)

Fun fact: The person who gave those aprons to us is both cosplaying Kurogane-san in our Tsubasa-group as well as cosplaying Doumeki-kun for Watanuki-kun. Since she doesn’t like sweets anyway (and lives about an 8 hour train ride away) we didn’t just made the muffins for her, we also ate them for her gnahaha we love you Neji ♥

Shaolan-kun and I were shooting the outfits we wore at Cosplay prom and suddenly this lovely lady asked if we wanted to take pictures with her horse. I was all nooooope at first but I’m glad we did it in the end!
Special thanks to Nor for capturing this with her phone 8D


AnimagiC was HELLA!

Nico Robin [Enies Lobby] (One Piece)

Monkey D. Luffy - Luffy
Nami - Pola
Zorro - Lindwurm
Sanji - Wanted
Franky - Freemon
Vivi - Bezoar
Going Merry - Murdoc
Photographer - Kizaki

Sakura [Lady’s Night] (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), 2014

Yuuko-san - Void
Himawari-chan - Sin
Pictures by Nor / Jessica Ao


Nico Robin [Miss All Sunday] (One Piece)

Nefeltari Vivi - Bezi
Video by Jaysome Pictures



Since we lack some nice pictures of those costumes I decided to upload several outtakes - so here you go! :D

Sin as Watanuki, Celi as [I have no idea, but she looks wonderful!], pu as Shaolan, Prinz as himself, Bezi as Sakura, Neji as Kurogane and myself as Fai
Pictures by shugo, shinigamix and Halbkind

Yeah, just my friends and I being stupid.


Enjoy our contribution to the fandom, guys. :D Also rip Reiner

Jean Kirschtein [Trainee camp] (Snk)

Marco - Void
Eren - pu
Mikasa - Bezi
Armin - Sin
Bertholdt - Nyu
Reiner - Ran
Annie - Nishi
Photographer - Sin

[Myself as Mikasa]


Xerxes Break [MadHatter] Pandora Hearts, 2014
Sharon Rainsworth - Bezi

Photo taken by deelit

[Myself as Sharon]