Soft kisses on a summer’s day
Laughing all our cares away
Just you and I

Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights
Gazing at the distant lights
In the starry sky


Sakura [Summer Fun] (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), 2014

Picture by bhorn

There’s as many people wishing for the Nase-Clan to decline as there are stars in the sky. But let me tell you - the heirs of the prestigious Nase-Clan are not going to be taken down easily.

Nase Mitsuki (Kyoukai no Kanata), 2014
Nase Hiroomi - Void
Pictures by Nor


Fai D. Flourite [LeCourt] (TRC)

Sakura - Bezi
Shaolan - pu
Photographer - Daisu

[myself as Sakura]


As some of you may know I stepped out into the outernet last Weekend to go to Connichi, Germany’s biggest convention and it was really fun. I took my new camera with me but apart from the sunset above, I didn’t use it much. I am still pretty sleep deprived but since it was the last convention this year (for me at least) sooo I thought why not reflect the past year a little (;

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Shaolan - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle


Sakura by eulennest

Photography by @sincake

Switzerland, 2014

[myself as Sakura]


a lot of people take up hobbies to reduce stress and clear their minds

then there are cosplayers

Redoing stuff for my Sakura Halloween Cosplay, which I’m probably going to wear on Saturday of the last convention before winter break. Less than one month away I don’t even know what to wear on the other two days (/ω\)

I feel like everytime I say “I’m not going to sew something like this ever again” the possibilty of me sewing this again increases by 175%

Some time ago, Kurogane-san presented me with an apron and since Watanuki-kun also got one from Doumeki-kun we decided to make some Muffins for them ☆ Mokona-chan helped too!
Watanuki-kun’s apron reads ‘Best Housewife’ by the way. He and Doumeki-kun sure are best friends. ✿
Please look at part one of our kitchen adventures on Watanuki-kun’s tumblr page
Watanuki-kun - pu
Pictures by Nor & pu (pu also did the editing ♥)

Fun fact: The person who gave those aprons to us is both cosplaying Kurogane-san in our Tsubasa-group as well as cosplaying Doumeki-kun for Watanuki-kun. Since she doesn’t like sweets anyway (and lives about an 8 hour train ride away) we didn’t just made the muffins for her, we also ate them for her gnahaha we love you Neji ♥